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I don't believe that there is a 'one-size fits all' approach in therapy. My approach as an integrative counsellor is tailored to each individual client. I draw on different approaches and theoretical models to work on the issues you might wish to explore. We can work together, and challenge old ways of thinking in a safe and non-judgemental environment. 


Perhaps you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, or maybe you're going through the motions in life and feel stuck, but you can't make sense of why. Whatever might bring you to therapy, our work together will aim to help you find clarity and insight in order to allow you to make the changes in your life you want.


 I specialise in working with the complex issues of infertility and reproductive trauma and have completed The Foundation Training Course for Counsellors working in Licensed Treatment Centres and Related Settings with BICA (British Infertility Counselling Association.)

I have experience in working with clients, couples going through fertility treatment, or having experienced miscarriage, recurrent miscarriage, pregnancy and pregnancy complications.


 Maybe in your relationship you are feeling lost, unheard, angry, frustrated, confused, sad, lonely, misunderstood, depressed, or isolated? 

In Couples therapy it is important to recognise that we all evolve as people and that relationships are fluid and change over time. Resentments can build up, or communication may break down, and counselling can open up a supportive space in which to explore unresolved issues.

I use a systemic and psychodynamic approach to couples work which means that we work collaboratively to uncover patterns of relating in the present which may be problematic. We might also look for the history of these patterns both in the couple and each partner.  Understanding is the most powerful precursor to change. I have worked with clients experiencing attachment issues, commitment issues, miscommunication, intimacy issues, divorce, separations, sexual problems, loss, betrayal, affairs, domestic violence, step family issues and other topics.


If you have experienced the death of someone in your life, you might be finding it difficult to adjust to the changes happening in your life right now. Grief shakes our world in many ways - your beliefs, your daily routines, and even your sense of normality. Bereavement Counselling aims to help you find a way of processing your loss in a way that feels right for you, and at your pace.


You may be struggling within a difficult relationship, with a work colleague, friend, or a family member. I use a systemic and psychodynamic approach which means that we work collaboratively to uncover patterns of relating in the present which may be problematic.

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